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Bardoli is a city and a municipality in Surat Metropolitan Region in the state of Gujarat, India. Bardoli is the east most end of the Metropolis of Surat. Bardoli is one of the primary Satellite Towns of Surat Metropolitan Region.

Bardoli is located at 21°07 ′N 73°07′E  /  21.12°N 73.12°E  / 21.12; 73.12. It has an average elevation of 22 metres (72 feet).

Bardoli is also the center for most of the Talukas or Counties in South Gujarat. Due to its central location for many Talukas it is a major economic centre of Surat Metropolis. Distances from some major Counties:

  • Bardoli-Surat 35 km
  • Bardoli-Vyara 35 km
  • Bardoli-Navsari 37 km
  • Bardoli-Mandvi 30 km
  • Bardoli-Ahwa 100 km
  • Bardoli-Palsana 17 km
  • Bardoli-Mahuva 11 km
Well Known Places
  • Asia's number one Sugar Factory
  • Swaraj Ashram
  • Halpati Seva Sangh
  • Satyagrah Hospital
  • Kedareshwar Mahadev Mandir
  • Swaminaraya Madir
  • Jalaram Mandir(Called Mini Virpur)
  • Vaghecha Mandir
  • Sardar Vallabhbhai National Musium

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